About Strategic Process Consulting

Strategic Process Consulting is a consulting firm dedicated to helping Life Sciences Organizations meet their strategic goals.  No matter the growth stage of the company, from start-up concept – through initial commercialization – to transformational revenue growth, Strategic Process consultants have the experience and insight to determine strategies and implement tactics to succeed.

We are Life Science Industry veterans specializing in development of logical, scalable business processes and in building highly effective business units, departments, and teams.

Strategic Process Consulting, LLC serves our clients globally and is headquartered in the Greater Boston Area.

Biotech lab

We have demonstrated success building successful, high-performing cross-functional and dedicated-function teams of all types:

  • → Sales and Marketing
  • → Program Management
  • → Business Development
  • → Basic Research & Development
  • → Small-scale Manufacturing
  • → Product Development
  • → Product Launch
  • → Manufacturing Operations
  • → Web Development

We are experienced business leaders for highly technical products and services:

  • → Cell & Gene Therapies
  • → Analytical Instrumentation
  • → Materials Science
  • → Thermal Packaging
  • → Organ & Tissue Physiology
  • → Quality & Regulatory
  • → Technical Research Services
  • → Healthcare Policy
  • → Computer Systems Engineering

Strategic Process Consulting is dedicated to helping our clients grow.
Let’s talk about how we can do it for you.